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Welcome to High Cadence Travels

Firstly, a short explanation on the name:

High Cadence because it is a term that is used in cycling, one of our favourite sports, and refers to the high speed or revolutions that a cyclist turns the pedals  which is something we do often on our Travels, one of our favourite activities and the main basis for this website. See, it's not all about the bike!

Our attitude to travelling is safe and secure (most of the time!) combined with a fair amount of venturing off the beaten track. Like everyone, we appreciate the benefits of taking time away from work and relaxing on vacation. However, we are not the 'stay at a resort for a week' or 'join a package tour' type of people, as more than two days on a beach or in a coach will generally drive us mad. Indepedence and seeing what a country or city has to offer, which sometimes involves taking the back streets and getting lost, is generally the approach we take. We don't do it five-star but nor do we backpack (although we have plenty in the past).

So, if you are the same sort of traveller or hope to be, then you might find some of the locations, accommodations, tips and stories on this website useful. Our experiences mainly come from leisure travel but there is something to be said of travelling for work, as it can take you to places you normally wouldn't go to for a vacation. 

Nicki & Gibbo

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