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Welcome to Tanzania

One of the things we had always wanted to do was go on a safari in Africa and we thought what better time than to spend part of our honeymoon. We say 'part' as the other area was lying on a remote beach on the island of Zanzibar off the mainland coast of Tanzania (that's the third image to the top right on pages!). In short, both parts were absolutely amazing and feature in our Top 5 places visited / holidays had (ahhh...we had better extend this Top 5 to a Top 10 because if you are reading elsewhere on this website you'll probably see we've mentioned Top 5 more than 5 times....).


We were living in Dubai at the time, so we booked a 7 day safari through a London-based operator.

Mt Kilimanjaro
Mt Kilimanjaro in the background behind the clouds.

Lake Manyara
Elephant in Lake Manyara National Park

Gibbs Farm
The local kids near Gibbs Farm, Tanzania

local kids
...the same local kids

welcoming into their home
Welcoming me into their home

Ngorongoro Crater
Inside the Ngorongoro Crater, Tananzia

A sleepy lion in the Ngorongoro Conseration Area

Olduvai Gorge
Olduvai Tented Camp - magical

Shitfing sands
Nicki and the Maasi warrior in the Serengeti

Shofting sands
Gibbo and Stanley, our guide for the week, at the shifting sands in the Serengeti

These are the cheetahs that climbed on the roof of our jeep and scared the jeepers out of us

An elegant giraffe in its natural setting in the Serengeti

Nicki on safari
Nicki on safari

Nick and Gibbo enjoying a beer on the beach at Matemwe, Zanzibar

Matemwe Beach
What a view - Matemwe Beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania

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