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Welcome to San Miguel de Allende

This quaint little town - only about 75,000 population - is less than one hour by deluxe bus from Guanajuato on the way back to Mexico City. The place is really a national monument but still a thriving town that attracts it's fair share of tourists - surprising a lot of Americans who apparantly come here to retire or just visit for extended stays. There's also a good proportion of local visitors who like the squares where they can sit and take shade from the heat, people watch and enjoy ice-creams.

 church in san miguel
La Parroquia, a pink, Gothic parish church is San Miguel's most famous landmark

garden san miguel
El Jardin and main square of San Miguel

San Miguel is fairly compact, although if arriving by bus, then the station is about 3kms from town so a taxi is necessary. We stayed about 2 blocks from La Parroquia at Casa Calderoni (, a magnificent B&B run by very friendly staff (all of whom speak good English) that is comfortable, clean and accessible. Not to mention it has a fantastic terrace on the roof where you can watch the sun go down each evening, which we did almost every day, with the exception of visiting a bar in town called the 'Sunset Bar' (definitely not as good!). The rooms are decorated with different artists - one exclsuively per room - and we had Botereo (fat ladies) whilst others included Rivera and Khol. A nice touch, but you have to like the artist's work, especially if you are staying a few days...

petrol anyone?
Petrol anyone?

Anyone fancy some cacti for a snack?

street markets
Tacos and more tacos...

sunset in San Miguel
San Miguel's amazing sunsets

streets of San Miguel
Quaint streets of San Miguel

mountain biking
Off for a bit of mountain biking through the villages in the San Miguel area

mountain biking
Alberto and his mate took us mountain biking for the morning - gee they can go....

local on a donkey
Some of the sights while on our biking adventure

another local
Hey get out of my way, man...I gotta try and keep up with Gibbo and these little Mexican bike riders!

another sunset
And what a way to finish off the day

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