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Welcome to Russia

View our photos from St Petersburg and Moscow.

St Petersburg
The one of the many colourful orthodox church in St Petersburg

Broze Horseman
View from St Isaac's cathedral

Palace Square
Palace Sqaure -
one of the most magnificent architectural complexes in St. Petersburg, bounded by the Winter Palace and by a semicircle formed by General Staff and Ministry buildings. The Alexander Column in its centre commemorates Russia's victory against Napoleon in 1812.

Palace square
Nicki and Gibbo in Palace Square

Bronze Horseman
The statue of Peter the Great, known as the Bronze Horseman, is in Senate Square on the south bank of the Neva, between the river and St Isaac's Cathedral (in background).

The amazing Hermitage, an art collection like you've never seen before - better than the Louve in Paris!

River Nevsky
The very, very frozen River Neva

Peter and Paul Fortress
The Peter and Paul Fortress 
(Petropavlovskaya krepost) stands on its own small island in the River Neva, separated from its north bank by about 70 meters (yards). It was founded by Peter the Great in 1703, just before the building of the city began.

Inside the Kremlin - Moscow

Red Square
Moscow's Red Square

Red Square
Another view of the Red Square

Gibbo I told you not to play with things, now look what you've done - you've broken the bell in the Kremlin.

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